“Bookstore owner Sara’s life changes when Hunter enters her shop and tries to win her over. Fans of romance will enjoy this steamy, imaginative read!” Kristina B. Red Adept Editing

“Sara and Hunter couldn’t be more different. She’s struggling to run the Brooklyn bookstore she inherited from her father, while he’s taking time off from his family’s Madison Avenue advertising firm. They’re eager to write their own book of love, but plot twists threaten to ruin their happy ending.” Kim H., Copyeditor, Red Adept Editing

Drowning in debt, Sara James is struggling to turn a profit from the second-hand bookshop she inherited from her father. Meanwhile, seeking a new start, Hunter Elliot, the son of a Madison Avenue advertising mogul, moves to Brooklyn and becomes her neighbor. One day, he wanders into the shop and discovers a creep harassing Sara. Channeling his inner alpha male, he flexes his big muscles and rescues her. He soon becomes smitten with Sara and her little shop, and volunteers to help. By harnessing his advertising experience, he attracts customers while flirting with the inexperienced shop owner, who eventually succumbs to his charms. Just as their connection is starting to sizzle, Hunter’s ex arrives on the scene. Enter his playboy brother and all kinds of confusion sets in. In the end, it’s HEA for all the cast in this stand-alone steamy romance novella.