In this steamy billionaire romance, reformed bad boy, and musician, Lachlan Peace finds himself running his dying father’s empire. It’s not just the shady schemes that his father set up that’s got him all hot and flustered, but also his curvy new admin assistant, Miranda. But there are endless obstacles, one of which involves his right-hand woman. Possessing all kinds of nasty secrets, she wants Lachlan Peace for herself. READ MORE


“In this sizzling romance, Miranda Flowers doesn’t have much experience when it comes to love. But once she meets her new boss, Lachlan Peace, her world turns upside down. Full of charm and passion, A Taste of Peace follows Miranda’s journey in this tumultuous roller coaster of desires and insecurities.” Red Adept



About the Author

J. J. Sorel whiles away her day writing Steamy Romance novels. She loves conjuring up slightly damaged, seductive men who fall madly in love with smart quirky women. Before becoming a writer ten years ago, she danced and choreographed for her supper. J. J. Sorel has written fourteen books, three of which never quite made it out alive from the dusty confines of her hard drive. Pretty soon she plans to give birth to “A Taste of Peace.” A twisted love story about surfer by day, drummer by night, and billionaire by birth, Lachlan Peace, and his new admin assistance, Miranda Flowers, who only expected to get a job, not her slightly eccentric but very sexy boss, who also happens to live next door to the Thornhills.