This Sexy Fairy Tale Romance explores the passionate relationship between an ex-Special Forces Billionaire and his new P.A.

A Billionaire and Virgin Romance Story

Clarissa Moone’s a smart, quirky art history grad with an almost unhealthy obsession for vintage clothes. When she lands a job working for the enigmatic Aidan Thornhill, she doesn’t quite know what to expect—but certainly not romance. READ MORE

“There are no words for the sheer genius of the writing of Ms. Sorel. The setting comes alive with culture and history. Each character has their own place in the story and each enhances the other. I read it all in one sitting, unable to put the story down for even one minute. It is a fabulous love story full of intrigue and mystery, but the very foundation is a man who is a hero with all his flaws who wishes he could save the world, including the woman who has stolen his very soul. I challenge a reader to pick up Entrance and not become as addicted as Aiden and Clarissa. Beware there is a little mystery at the end.” FIVE STARS DelaneReviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More 



After being arrested for a crime he didn’t commit, Bronson, a dark stormy figure is driven to take revenge on the person responsible. Apart from clearing his name, his other mission is to find his real parents.

Ava is not only dating the guy responsible for Bronson’s incarceration but is also employed by a wealthy loner who has a heart trapped in secrets, some of which relate to Bronson. READ MORE

“This is one finely scribed novel that is rich in steamy erotica and yet goes beyond the usual Chick Lit realm because of the fine mystery that ties it together. Recommended.” Grady Harp – San Francisco Book Review


Handsome billionaire Blake Sinclair is a confirmed bachelor who doesn’t believe in relationships. He’s never witnessed love in its finer form, for his youth was crippled by a dramatic family life. His past, and how he procured his wealth are secrets he guards carefully. When he encounters Penelope Green at an exhibition selling her work, he’s not only spellbound by her beauty, but by her art which speaks to his soul.

After Blake seduces her, he introduces Penelope to a world of opulence. Her entry into his bedroom, other than evoking steamy passion, opens up a part of him that was hidden even to himself. She not only becomes his obsession but she manages to go to a place no other has ever been: to the heart and soul of this damaged man.

Loaded with passion and sizzling sex, this is a steamy romance done right…



To escape an abusive ex, Scarlet Black takes on a new identity and accepts a role masquerading as an admin assistant. She moves to a secluded mansion working for the reclusive billionaire, Daniel Love, whose wife has disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Scarlet soon forms a connection with her troubled but handsome younger boss, and together they descend into a torrid relationship.

The deeper they delve into each other the more insatiable they become.

The trouble is if she breaks from her covert role her ex, a rogue policeman, will find her. But if she stays, after winning the trust of this guarded and damaged man, the deep bond they’ve formed will be shattered. READ MORE


Sam Chalmer, the son of a billionaire tycoon, and Juniper Berry, raised by hippies, meet when she chains herself to a tree that his firm plans to remove. His attempts at sweet-talking her fail and a storm comes through. The low-lying land starts to flood. And thus from enemy to hero, he saves her.

The streets are flooded. The hotels are full. They end up sharing a room, and while sharing a bottle of tequila they discover that sexual chemistry does not discriminate. They accidentally fall in love. That’s the easy part, because it’s not that simple, especially when impossible promises are made. READ MORE


Miranda Flowers couldn’t be happier. She’s just landed the job of her dreams as the new administrative assistant for Lachlan Peace—reformed bad boy and the new head of his family’s billion-dollar company.

As a bonus, she gets to accompany him to lavish events, draped in designer gowns, as his fake date.

Lachlan has a past—a hard-partying, playboy one—but he’s determined to get on the straight and narrow to run the family business.

And he and Miranda are getting closer. READ MORE


A two-book series of stand-alone Steamy Contemporary Romance stories around the love lives of two very different twin sisters Bonita and Bella Wild.

READ MORE The Importance of being Wild

READ MORE The Importance of being Bella


Ivy Starr is struggling to focus on becoming an independent, successful woman all because Chase Elliot, a very distracting, hot billionaire keeps getting in the way.

Chase Elliott is the quintessential prodigal son, who’s never stayed with a woman long enough to forget her birthday. But his days of doing whatever, whenever are about to come to an end when his father threatens to cut the purse strings unless he gets married. READ MORE