J.J Sorel is a romance writer that knows how to create steamy scenes and healing touches. In her latest book, “Uncovering Love,” Sorel has joined together two troubled souls in a fantastical place. What happens is even more amazing.

Ainsley Alcott is a 40-year-old woman with a turbulent past. She is living with her mother and trying to protect them both from her abusive ex, who happens to be a cop. Looking for a way to regain her life, she heads to a curtain call. She had not acted in years, but thought it was time to step out again. Ainsley gets an acting job. She is tasked with acting like an administrative assistant to Daniel Love, all while spying on his family. She changes her name and heads to the Starlington Estate. Daniel is a strange character. His wife has gone missing, he paints to loud music, and has an infatuation with a green dress. When Daniel meets Ainsley, who is now Scarlet Black, his interest is piqued. Daniel and Scarlet begin a friendship which leads to both finding love again. There are bumps in the but in the end, an older woman and a younger man learn a lot about each other.

I will admit that there are many things happening in this book, but Sorel has tied them all together quite well. The plot was interesting and left me at a cliffhanger whenever I had to put it down for a moment.

What I truly loved about this story is that Scarlet is an older woman who attracts the desires of a younger man. She has real emotions that come with age. Scarlet does not act like a cougar on the hunt. She is a real woman, dealing with real feelings.

I also enjoyed the way Sorel places the erotic scenes in her story. She does not let the sexual content take center stage. The reader can enjoy a story filled with plot twists, unexpected turns, and a budding romance. There is extreme passion, but not filth.

As a whole, “Uncovering Love,” is a work that can be enjoyed leisurely. Readers are drawn into a story that we could only wish would happen in real life. Sorel writes in a way that is easy to follow and keeps you wanting to know what will happen next. I would only recommend this book to readers over 18 due to the content and language. Five stars!   Reviewed by Ashley Hooker for Reader Views

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“Dark Descent into Desire”, by J.J. Sorel, is aptly titled. There is a dark descent into desire here, and the author is the one to take you there.

This isn’t your average billionaire romance story, and to call it chick lit would be a gross disservice, although there are some chick lit passages and phrases. One might be tempted to search for similarities that echo “50 Shades of Grey,” but  “Dark Descent into Desire” is deeper and richer, thanks to Sorel’s wording and character-building skills. The characters are credible and seem fully fleshed-out; not just caricatures tossed into a Gothic romance salad. Penny and Blake are people you could know in your own life, and live with issues that you can relate to–a parent with substance use issues? Co-dependency? Dysfunction? Secrets? A yearning to escape and be loved?

But besides the interesting elements of the characters, the novel uses multi-faceted plot lines that are solid enough, but–and here goes my slight criticism–there are a couple of scenes that are borderline creepy and violent, but I won’t give spoilers here. Rather than the explicit sex scenes, I found myself more interested in how Blake and Penny slowly reveal themselves and their secrets to each other, and the thread of addiction in all its forms running through the fabric of the story. These frank scenes take nothing from Sorel’s wonderful writing, however, and the build of the couple’s relationship is suspenseful, the payoff well-earned.

The starving-artist-meets-damaged-billionaire aspect is appealing in its own right. After all, opposites do attract, and create conflict and drama, sometimes with devastating results. But it’s the way Sorel writes the story that keeps the reader invested. She has a poet’s way with words, a classical approach to language while using modern phrasing and situations, with stiletto attention to details and descriptions. Penny and Blake are so realized that you want to read more about them, and you aren’t happy that the story has to end, even though it must. It’s easy to get lost in this story. And isn’t that what a good romance should be about?

If you think you aren’t a fan of Gothic romance, you’ve been reading the wrong books for too long. Give “Dark Descent into Desire” a chance, and you will discover a new twist on an old genre hidden between the covers.

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J.J. Sorel has crafted a compelling, steamy read with a fantastic cast of supporting characters. The mixture of suspense, romance, and hot scenes rides along perfectly against the London backdrop. Both Penny and Blake are written perfectly. You fall for them in an instant, especially Penny–the starving artist–who has to deal with a drug addict mother and a pretty grim life. Blake offers up his secrets slowly, keeping you intrigued enough to tolerate his initial arrogance. Though the suspense combines fantastically with the development of Penny and Blake’s relationship, it was their times together that kept me hooked the most. Each time they connected, the desire between them was patent, and I couldn’t wait to read more. Blake develops into fantastic hero material and you can see why Penny would fall for him. Though their first time together happened quicker than I expected, it read perfectly. The chemistry and pure need for one another isn’t something easily forgotten. If you’re after a visceral, steamy, well-craft romance, I’d highly recommend this book. The addition of twists, turns, and suspense makes it far more than just your average billionaire romance, and I would imagine most romance readers would find this a fascinating and lingering read.

This is one finely scribed novel that is rich in steamy erotica and yet goes beyond the usual Chick Lit realm because of the fine mystery that ties it together. Recommended.  (Grady Harp – San Francisco Book Review)

Take My Heart by J.J. Sorel is a captivating, suspenseful romantic love story that will entice readers, satisfy them, and leave them hungering for more. Ava Rose has just been hired to be a caregiver for a wealthy, eccentric elderly woman, Agatha. This old mysterious woman carries with her many secrets that begin to reveal themselves as the story progresses. Bronson Lockhart is any woman’s dream man, with looks that conjure up thoughts of desire and lust. He has just been released from prison for a crime he did not commit. He is on a mission to exact revenge on his brother, Justin for setting him up, by seducing and stealing his girlfriend, Ava. Bronson is also adopted, and seeks to discover more about his past. When Ava meets Bronson she is captivated and attracted to this dark, handsome and alluring man. When they do get together, Bronson soon finds himself completely taken away by Ava, who is sassy, spirited, curvy and beautiful. His desire and passion for Ava complicates his plans. What ensues, is a story filled with twists and turns, drama, suspense and lots of passionate love.

Take My Heart by J.J. Sorel is a gripping mystery, filled with beguiling romance and nail biting suspense. The reader is quickly drawn into a world of drama and adventure as the two must deal with trust issues, apprehension and uncertainty. But, their chemistry is so intense, and their love for one another is growing while they can’t keep their hands off one another, as well. Then there is Aggie, who is a fabulous interesting character that readers will fully enjoy. The mystery behind this woman, and how it relates to Bronson, will keep readers fully engaged and guessing. There are plenty of intriguing clues to be had in this most compelling novel.

I love J.J. Sorel’s remarkably unique writing style. I have read some of her other titles, and have always been enthralled and impressed by her hypnotizing original storylines, and her wonderful descriptive language. It always draws me in and keeps me turning the pages, filled with emotion while having all my senses contentedly stimulated.

The characters in Take My Heart are memorable, interesting and relatable with quirky personalities.
J.J. Sorel develops her characters in a thoughtful and humanistic approach, causing readers to totally connect with them, be fully vested in their lives and the final outcome of their story.

Take My Heart is an unforgettable story that is as mysterious as it is sexy and romantic.
If you have never picked up one of author J.J. Sorel’s fabulous books, then you are surely missing out.
Chick Lit Café highly recommends Take My Heart by J.J. Sorel to all contemporary, romantic suspense loving readers.  “Chick lit Café.”




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Coffee Time Romance and More 

Clarissa was looking for a job when she came to Thornhill, but she has found so much more. Unfortunately, clause seven of her contract tells her happily ever after is not here for her.Aiden is a man on a mission and he finally gave up on women for the moment because his luck has been horrible. When he meets his new PA for the first time he recognizes a true beauty both inside and out. Unfortunately, his past is unpleasant and there are people in his life who are decidedly troublesome.

Aiden and Clarissa have found in each other what they could never find with another. Unfortunately, there are those people who do not wish to see their happiness and will do anything to put an end to it. Will Clarissa be able to get past the secrets Aiden holds? The question made me moot because Aiden’s past is determined to dig up all haunts and hurts to ensure he will never find happiness with Clarissa.

There are no words for the sheer genius of the writing of Ms. Sorel. The setting comes alive with culture and history. Each character has their own place in the story and each enhances the other. I read it all in one sitting, unable to put the story down for even one minute. It is a fabulous love story full of intrigue and mystery, but the very foundation is a man who is a hero with all his flaws who wishes he could save the world, including the woman who has stolen his very soul. I challenge a reader to pick up Entrance and not become as addicted as Aiden and Clarissa. Beware there is a little mystery at the end.
ctr5cups (1) Delane, reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More  Click here

Clarissa Moone is timid, high-class and intellectual. But, she feels that she’s not very special, with no distinctive features, and is basically just an ordinary normal girl. She finds herself waiting for a job interview amidst a bouquet of beautiful women that look like models.

She doesn’t know the boss’s name but from the look of his office, he has fabulous expensive taste.

What are her chances of landing this wonderful personal assistant job?
Well, the very next day, she lands the job and is now employed.

She now goes from being broke, with only an art history degree to her name, to having money advanced for expenses and a company car to boot. And let’s not forget her hot, handsome, filthy rich boss. Wow, she can’t believe her luck.

Entrance by J.J. Sorel is a captivating, sexy and intriguing love story that takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, reactions and feelings of passion.

Aidan, Clarissa’s new boss, is attracted and smitten with her at first sight. Aidan is almost impossible to understand and interpret. He is quiet and private. He has a questionable dark past but, Clarissa doesn’t care. She finds herself melting when he looks at her and goes weak in the knees and quivers when he touches her.

Aiden longs for beautiful Clarissa. She is intelligent, pure and sexy. He falls for her hard, and his passion for her grows stronger every day, And, Clarissa is head over heels for Aiden.

What follows is a lustful, intense story of two people that grow to passionately love each other and long to be together. Even though there are issues of the past, gossip, desire and even vengeance to overcome, the couple must endure through it all.

J.J. Sorel writes an excellent, sizzling hot contemporary romance story.Each chapter is written, very skillfully, in the voice of the two characters interchangeably. I found that she did an excellent job communicating the storyline in that way. A lot of authors struggle with that type of dialog, but J.J. Sorel excels above most authors that attempt to write in that manner.

The captivating plot flows along magnificently and the characters are well developed, established and interesting.

Very well composed, our author J.J. Sorel, features the storyline in an appealing fashion and describes the settings in a vivid and graphic way, as to appeal to the reader’s imaginatory senses. The characters actions, as well as, their interactions are penned flawlessly. The love and romance scenes are written in a smart, tasteful and unpretentious way-not over done, but still with plenty of the sizzling-hot factor.

I found this read to be an extraordinary escape from my normal life. But it is still an exceptionally realistic story. It is an appreciable and satisfying tale as it correctly chronicles the uncertainties and problems that two people, in love, have in their lives together at certain times. It shows how relationships can be a struggle, even when the love and passion is strong.

I Thoroughly enjoyed Entrance- J.J. Sorel’s debut novel.

I am anticipating the second installment in the Thornhill Trilogy.

For a debut novel, author J.J. Sorel, shines above the rest!

Highly Recommended!

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In this sizzling contemporary romance story, J.J. Sorel, brings readers an emotional, intriguing and unique love story. The story begins with, Clarissa Moone, sitting in an expensive fancy office amidst a handful of, model worthy, beautiful women. She is timidly awaiting for her name to be called for an interview for a new personal assistant job. Not knowing who her new boss is, she has no idea that she is about to embark on a life and love she never expected or could dream of.

The next day, she lands the job. She goes from being penniless, to actually living at her new boss’s opulent multimillion dollar estate. She is now surrounded with beautiful things, exquisite art, and her extremely handsome new boss, Aiden. Being an art history major and art lover, she can’t believe her luck.

Aiden, falls for smart, voluptuous and beautiful Clarissa at first sight. Although, Clarissa sees herself as an average normal girl, Aiden sees a classy, intelligent and desirable woman. For these reasons, Aiden falls hard for Clarissa. And for Clarissa, she feels the same about Aiden, and tingles when he glances at her. Aiden has a somewhat shady past, but Clarissa doesn’t seem to care, she is too taken by him.

What ensues is an emotional, lustful love story between two people that must overcome the past and try to make it work.J.J. Sorel has done a magnificent job in her first book, Entrance, in the Thornhill Trilogy. The passionate love scenes are tastefully written and described. I was thrilled and excited while reading this delicious romance story. Sorel’s voice is clearly heard and quite unique. The descriptions of everything from Aiden’s estate, to the food and to the love scenes, took me on a delightful sensory ride. The dialog is written well, engaging the reader with every word. J.J. Sorel seizes the reader with a balmy story of love, lust and relationships. She is a skillful writer with a grand imagination that comes alive on paper. She has proven herself in this impressive novel. Entrance is so much more than a sexual love story. Sorel shows how difficult relationships can be when the past, gossip, vengeance, love, desire and other people are involved. This story is intelligent, realistic and exciting. This is one of those books that I would read again. I highly recommend it to all those that love smart and simmering adult romance novels.