Beautiful but Strange Series

A Steamy Romantic Comedy

Sam Chalmer, the only son of a billionaire tycoon, and Juniper Berry, who was raised by hippies, meet when she chains herself to a tree that his firm plans to remove. His attempts at sweet-talking her fail and a storm comes through. The low-lying land starts to flood. From enemy to hero, he saves her after she loses the key to the chain.

The streets are flooded. The hotels are full. They end up sharing a room. And it’s there, in close confines, while sharing a bottle of tequila that they discover that sexual chemistry does not discriminate. They accidentally fall in love. That’s the easy part, because it’s not that simple, especially when impossible promises are made. What follows is one problem after another. He has to prove to her that he’s not the devil in a suit by promising to save that tree. In return for keeping the tree alive he promises his father to court a wealthy heiress.

Juni’s carrying her own secret: their first night together delivered more than insatiable lust. Boasting chemistry that is off the charts, the couple, unable to take their hands off each other, have to grapple with misconceptions, expectations, and misunderstandings. 

In J. J. Sorel’s steamy, humorous romance series, Beautiful But Strange, a passionate love story develops between the son of a business magnate and the eccentric daughter of hippies.

Editorial Review by Artisan Reviews

Compiled into three books, the series begins by an unusual, dramatic meeting between Sam Chalmer and Juniper “Juni” Berry. Juni is tied to her beloved tree, hoping to save it from land developers. Sam, who is there to clear the land, is immediately taken by the strong-willed Juni. Meanwhile, a frightening storm gathers speed, releasing a downpour that threatens to drown Juni who is still tied to the tree. Sam swings into motion, trying frantically to save her.  READ MORE




Sam and Juni are so great together. Their chemistry is over the top. Sam is such a gentleman and might just be my newest book boyfriend.  BP34(Goodreads)

A crazy romance, it has all the elements that make up a beautiful story. This truly was a delight! R. Smith

Kudos for such an original series. The characters are funny with depth. The writing is captivating and engaging with unexpected twists.

All 3 books in this series are great! I loved each one. Christa

This first book is fast paced with wonderful characters that engage in some great flirty banter. Vine Voice

Quirky storyline made me laugh out loud. Cantputidown

Great characters, great chemistry, drama, sweet, sexy, funny, finding love, and a HEA. 808

This first book is quick paced with wonderful characters that engage in some great flirty banter. Heather

Very fun read. Sweet love and incredibly funny. Who doesn’t love hot, steamy sex and a gorgeous guy who falls head over heels in love. Melinda

I read all Bridget Jones books in a single sitting and I did exactly the same with ‘Flooded.’ Gemma