Revenge, deception, and scandal play out in the background of five standalone spicy love stories relating to the wealthy offspring of a complicated family dynasty. Each book of this Steamy British Romance has its own HEA and can be read independently despite a plot filled with twists and turns.


A contemporary romance caper with strong family dynamics, Awakened by a Billionaire by J. J. Sorel instantly grips the attention of readers, thanks to the extraordinary storytelling skills and the sophisticated characters. READ MORE

One of those rare Billionaire Romance novels that actually works Awakened By A Billionaire weaves romance, sex and intrigue into a no holds barred steam fest with Sorel proving herself to be once again on fine form! READ MORE

An utterly delicious romance that’s meant to be devoured… Sorel’s series kicker in the LOVECHILDE SAGA is a fresh take on the familiar billionaire-virgin romance template. A decorated war hero, Declan Lovechilde, is back home, struggling to navigate the weight of his wealthy family’s impossible expectations. READ MORE

J.J. Sorel has created a dreamy, passionate and enthralling romance story in Awakened by a Billionaire: A Steamy Romance Novel (LOVECHILDE SAGA Book 1).  READ MORE