This Steamy Romantic Comedy Standalone story follows on from Up The Ladder


Ivy Starr is struggling to focus on becoming an independent, successful woman all because Chase Elliot, a very distracting, hot billionaire keeps getting in the way.

Chase Elliott is the quintessential prodigal son, who’s never stayed with a woman long enough to forget her birthday. But his days of doing whatever, whenever are about to come to an end when his father threatens to cut the purse strings unless he gets married.

Marriage is not on his plans. Life’s good the way it is… but then if he has to marry, why not beautiful Ivy?  

They can come to some arrangement and she’s smart, fun-loving, and knows what he likes, in and out of the bedroom. They also share enough chemistry to keep a laboratory bubbling along.

But are they cut out for a life together? Especially when past Tinder dates keep turning up everywhere.

Ivy is one of a kind… Chase is more certain of that than his favorite beer label and ambition to run his own empire one day… And a king needs a queen.

But Ivy’s no fool and being a hopeless romantic, she won’t settle for anything but a happily ever after. Therefore, when she learns of Chase’s marriage ultimatum, a small detail he forgot to mention when proposing, her world comes crashing down.

Determined to win her back, Chase has to prove to Ivy he can be trusted.


In League with Ivy by J.J. Sorel is a steamy contemporary romance novel that follows friends with benefits, Ivy and Chase, in their search to find true love.

The setup for the book is easy to follow and will have you hooked from page one. Ivy is a modern, independent young woman looking for real romance, and Chase is a misunderstood billionaire whose father is threatening to cut him off—that is unless he gets married. What ensues is drama, suspense and scenes that will make your heart swoon, everything you could ask for in a book like this.

The overall plot line is original and compelling with dialogue as snappy and fluid as ever. Sorel’s writing style is dramatic and striking, painting each scene with rich detail. The characters have been well developed and bring interest and complexity to the story—a feature that sets this book apart from others in its genre.

For readers interested in a compelling romance novel with unexpected twists and turns, this book is for you.

– Review by Book Excellence