The Importance of Being Wild

A Steamy Contemporary Romance Novel

Set in New York, The Importance of Being Wild is a darkly sensual and intense love story

between Curtis Drake and Bonita Wild. He is a guitarist, and she’s an intelligent, mixed up woman whose ex-husband did something so terrible to her she longer believes in love.

That is… until the sexy hunk Curtis enters her bar one day.

After she discovers that her violent, controlling husband hid a secret from her, Bonnie has to pick up the pieces of two wasted years.

Through insatiable desire, Curtis not only shows Bonnie what a real man feels like, he also helps her leave her past behind by winning her heart and body.

Curtis is also burdened by his past. A rash decision made when young, returns to haunt him, and when Bonnie learns that he kept a secret from her, wounds reappear and she runs.

Convinced that Bonnie is his soulmate, Curtis does everything to regain her trust. But first he has to deal with a drug addicted ex, who doesn’t care whose life she ruins.

The trouble is Bonnie needs to learn to trust. Having never experienced it, Bonnie doesn’t even know what love feels like.

Falling into each other’s arms, these two equally complicated beings navigate a new path together, while surrendering to insatiable passion.




Full of sensuality and beauty. Hot and sultry, readers will be enthralled with this unique love story.Chick Lit Café
guilty pleasure that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. A big thumbs up from this reader! Karen E Proctor.
This book kept me captivated consistently throughout. Amazon Customer
It was filled with heartwarming issues that were relatable. I enjoyed this book! Gladys Mill

I found myself glued to my phone screen as I devoured Curtis & Bonnie’s storyAngeloris

Fora light read, this is just the thing if you enjoy steamy romance with a touch of mystery and danger. Highly recommend.  V. E.

This was such an amazing read. It had love,laughs, mystery and adventureLorrie Vanmeter