Uncovering Love

I loved this story. It had a lot of twists and some unexpected surprises all while having an erotic romance story  ★★★★★

A sexy romance that’s sure to hit the sweet spot…Sorel’s latest is a steamy romantic suspense bolstered by fully fleshed-out characters and entertaining storytelling… “READ MORE

“Uncovering Love by J.J. Sorel is a spellbinding romance that is well-plotted and that features memorable characters and moments that are as heartwarming as they are exciting... READ MORE

To escape an abusive ex, Scarlet Black takes on a new identity and accepts a role masquerading as an admin assistant. She moves to a secluded mansion working for the reclusive billionaire, Daniel Love, whose wife has disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Scarlet soon forms a connection with her troubled but handsome younger boss, and together they descend into a torrid relationship.

The deeper they delve into each other the more insatiable they become.

The trouble is if she breaks from her covert role her ex, a rogue policeman, will find her. But if she stays, after winning the trust of this guarded and damaged man, the deep bond they’ve formed will be shattered.

J.J Sorel is a romance writer that knows how to create steamy scenes and healing touches. In her latest book, “Uncovering Love,” Sorel has joined together two troubled souls in a fantastical place. What happens is even more amazing….” READ MORE